BYF! i’m nd, i mostly talk about 2nd gen/early 3rd gen groups, i am a minor (16), i curse a lot, i support ot5 b.a.p, ot6 vixx and ot7 btob, i also support ot3 b1a4 but stan jy and br in their own activities, i do not condone/support any problematic actions of my faves

DNFI! you fit the standard dfi criteria, you’re under 14, you anti hongbin + ilhoon + jung jinyoung + baro + any of my ult groups, you support himchan

stan list!

b1a4 gongchan ♡
nu’est minhyun ♡
ze:a siwan + hyungsik ♡
jbj95 kenta ♡
seventeen jun ♡
b.a.p daehyun
infinite woohyun
2pm taecyeon
bigflo lex
100% minwoo
vixx ken + hongbin
n.flying hweseung

verivery dongheon + yongseung
hotshot timoteo
tvxq changmin
lucy sangyeop
victon seungwoo
wei donghan
shinee taemin + onew
onf etion
monsta x kihyun
ateez seonghwa
btob minhyuk
mblaq thunder

NON KPOP FAVES! xnine wu jiacheng, z.tao, yuya matsushita, ghost like girlfriend, etc